I’m walking all over cancer in March

Couple of weeks ago, I decided to join a fundraising activity for Cancer Research UK. The challenge was to walk 10,000 steps every day in March, set a target amount and spread the word around to raise money to support cancer research.  I lost my mother to lung cancer about 4 years ago. Since then, number of friends and family members, including very close ones also affected by this nasty illness in one way or another. My mother’s death anniversary is coming up too, it is in early April. I thought this is something at least I can do to help someone else, in the memory of my mother.

I now walk 10K steps a day to #walkallovercancer. My goal is to raise £150 to contribute towards improving cancer treatments. Here is my giving page and any amount towards this cause will be the most welcome. This is my only second day and I am so happy to share that I am already over 50% of my target amount. This gives me strength to continue walking and hope that I might even raise more than what I’ve targeted! 🙂

By the way, walking 10K every day is not an easy task. Particularly for someone who is working from home like me. I make a point of planning activities daily to get that 10K together. I am doing fine so far and posting something on my social media channels when I hit 10K a day. I should post here again how I’ve done at the end of the month.

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