Back from Open Repositories Conference in Denver

#OpenRepos2022 has been great in a spacious venue. It was wonderful to meet many zoom screen colleagues in person. There were interesting sessions, talks, food for thoughts. Ellen and I delivered one last talk about #AdvancingHyku and had many conversations about what went well and wrong, what else we could do with #Samvera #Hyku community. #OpenRepos2022 provided us with a good insight on what is going on in the #repository landscape across projects, platforms and countries. Even though the programme was sort of limited to who can be in Denver in person, range of talks captured the latest for most of the countries, regions and topics. Being in Denver, in US land was quite an experience as well with western cowboy culture, huge portions on plates, great variety of craft beer, self-pour beer walls, Mexican food, sculptures everywhere, street art especially in every open car park areas and hot-dry weather which makes you hold on your water bottle at all times. Looking forward to #OpenRepos2023 in Stellenbosch!

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