SEADDA COST Action Project Workshop

I attended SEADDA Türkiye Workshop: Digital Cultural Heritage on 13 October in Ankara with an invitation to speak about open access to cultural heritage and digital repositories. The workshop was organised by the British Institute Ankara which is one of the SEADDA COST Action partners in coordination with Dr. Holly Wright, Project-Science Communication Manager, Archaeology Data Service UK at University of York.

SEADDA (Saving European Archeology from Digital Dark Age) is a community of archaeologists and digital specialists working together to secure the future of archaeological data across Europe and beyond. They organise series of local workshops, like in Turkey, to improve the studies on digital cultural heritage and digital archaeology, work with NGOs, other stakeholders and create collaborations. More information about their activities is available at

This event brought together archaeologist, practitioners, information specialists on data management and preservation, open culture advocates, representatives from Ministry of Culture and Tourism and information management departments of universities. It was an opportunity for knowledge sharing and to discuss about day-to-day challenges in data management. I covered benefits of open access in cultural heritage, copyright culture, FAIR principles, open repositories, and BL’s Shared Research Repository in my presentation. As range of important issues have been raised during the day, the event concluded with forming smaller groups and sub-events to address topics like rights management, interoperability of the systems, domain specific taxonomies and preservation, and keeping these discussions going with interested parties.  

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